ARCA Rescue

ARCA teams of volunteer veterinarians and support staff have found and treated many hundreds of dogs, cats and farm animals along the coastal towns and villages devastated by the earthquake.It has sent teams on three occasions to rescue animals and to help them survive the aftermath of the disaster. Similar teams from Quito and other areas have been working in the earthquake area too – but, with thousands of animals and their owners affected, the crisis of animal suffering is enormous.


The first ARCA team, led by Cuenca University professor and long-time ARCA volunteer Cristina Bernardi, departed April 19, to Ground Zero – the wrecked Tarqui neighbourhood of Manta in Manabi province – to rescue and treat animals survivors were being rescued.


The second team, led by ARCA president Valentina León, departed April 27, to Manta, Montecristi, Calceta, Chone for help animals left behind in Ground Zero, John Kebbel, journalist, joined to team, too.

Valentina tells us that there was much desolation in the areas they visited. They felt the pain in humans and animals. Despite the strong smell of putrefaction and the latent danger, they keep on searching through the rubble for signs of life.



Photo by: John Kebbel


Photo by: John Kebbel


Photo by: John Kebbel

The third team departed May 10, their destiny Cruz de Bahía for find and treat animals in need.

By: John Kebbel

Photo by: John Kebbel

Now, it is clear that many more visits will be needed. ARCA knows it still needs to do far more to bring relief to the animals in need.

Without help, the animals will go on suffering and many will die. For ARCA to help the animals, it desperately needs donations of money, animal food and others goods like blankets. Use the website at or call in at Pet Spa, Juan Jaramillo 4-81 and Mariano Cueva, or Clínica Solidaria Veterinaria ARCA, Baltazara de Calderón 2-37 y Miguel Vélez.